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General Repairs

Commercial And Residential

We do a wide range of jobs, from pressure washing, painting, drywall repair, hanging ceiling fans/light fixtures TV mounting, professional picture hanging, replace screens, repair fencing, decks, install post, mount mailboxes, install handicap assistance grab bars, install pet doors, indoor/outdoor trim work, and more. We provide general handyman services, we have some knowledge and skills for the majority of your projects.

Our Most Recent Projects
Glassdoor frame install, appliance replacement (above the stove microwave, mounting above stove vent hoods), mailbox install, sprinkler head change, moving/dumping (We typically move/dump smaller loads).

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On-Demand Services

For all on-demand services 50% of payment is required upfront

Emergency Repairs are faster, and safer repairs. Giving you a workable, effective, temporary solution (Billed A Minimum Of $150 Or Quoted Price) And Same Day Service is created to help our customers with small projects. (Billed A Minimum Of $75 Or Quoted Price)

Check Out Some Of Our Before And After Photos

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Removing A Wall To Make Space For A 3 Car Garage (Before)
(Before) Removing A Wall
3 Remove A Wall Making Space, Creating A 3 Car Garage
(After) Walled Removed To Make Space For 3 Car Garage
Dirty Concrete in Backyard (Before)
(Before) Concrete covered with water and dirt
(After) Pressure Washed, Acid Wash, And Painted
Sanding The Dirt And Stain Off Door
(Before) Removing Old Paint/Varnish
(After) Refinished Door, With Stain And Polyurethane

All Associates Are Background Checked And Insured

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The benefit of hiring Small Task. You get a handyman with 10 years of experience, professional work, and dependable/reliable service.

Professional Picture Hanging

Professional Picture Hanging

Anybody can hang pictures, but an experienced Small Task professional knows what hardware to use to prevent falling, how to properly secure a picture frame to the wall, and taking the correct measurements. It seems easy enough to try, but after all your work you realize the picture is not hanging how you intended. It’s time to hire a Small Task professional! Who’s going to do it, how much will it cost, and how long will it take?

Furniture Assembly

Furniture Assembly

When people buy furniture online or in store, they often find out the furniture gets shipped to them in multiple boxes with tons of parts. You might end up preparing for hours. For example, the height and weight of any item/s can make the project significantly more frustrating. Don’t worry, whether it has instruction, or not, Small Task has insured handyman to get the job done professionally and efficiently.



Painting is needed around your home or office all the time. Hiring Small Task to complete your project is a smart option – were flexible and affordable, with over 10 years of experience. (Residential/Commercial Painting Pricing: $1.50 Per SQ Ft)

Color Matching

Color Matching

When color matching, it’s very rare to get the exact color unless the correct information is kept about the paint. Color matching is a simple job, but it takes time, knowledge, and skills to get colors/textures to blend. At Small Task we don’t overlook the simple things, we do our best on every job providing our customers with the professional finish there looking for.

Our Most Common Requested Projects And Their Prices

$45 – $150
Depending on the size of the TV
Depending on the size and total number of picture.
Depending on  a lot of factors, but mainly the pricing will be based on the difficulty.
$30 – $150
The quantity and height of the blinds/curtains determines the total cost
The amount of items, degree of difficulty, size, and the amount of time it takes to complete, determines the total cost
$250 – $490
If attic is higher then 13ft – we have to come out and view it before we can give you a quote.
Prices for cracks and smaller holes, repairs are typically less than $200.
Larger Repairs fill out our price quot form, call, or email us for a price quote

See some of the great things that people are saying about us.

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Justin is very professional and amazing at handling the assembly of the furniture and in hanging some very large paintings around the house. He was very helpful and also got all the required tools to help with the activities at home. I will definitely hire him again for any handyman work for the house.

Tori K.
Tori K.

Justin was great! He figured out exactly what went wrong during our attempted installation and fixed the issue promptly and thoroughly. I highly recommend Justin for any building tasks you may need.

Nathan T.
Nathan T.

Justin was very knowledgeable about putting together all of the IKEA pieces I bought. Everything looks great! I appreciate his hard work. Great guy.

Melanie S.
Melanie S.

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