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Maintaining Your Property

We work with property managers, maintenance companies, renters, homeowners, etc. to provide commercial and residential handyman services.

Home Repair Assessment $90

Home Repair Assessment is preliminary an onsite evaluation of damages caused by time (wear and tear), or accidental events. A repair assessments record the extent of the damage, what can be replaced, restored or salvaged.



  • The cost of drywall repair and installation ranges between $260-$450.
  • The price is based on the size of the repair, cost of materials, and labor.
  • Prices for cracks and smaller holes, repairs are typically less than $200.

When you hire us you get a background checked and insured handyman to complete your project!

Pricing (Project)

Pricing (project) applies to 1-2 items per appointment. Pricing will be different if you need 3 or more things done. If the services you need is not listed, contact us by phone, email, or fill out the price quote form (in the message field, describe your project and submit).

  • 0″ – 20″: $45
  • 20″ – 42″: $70
  • 42″ – 65″: $150
  • 3 – 7 Photos: $60+
  • 7 – 15 Photos: $100+
  • 15+: Click Here For A Quote
  • Ceiling Fans With Lights: $200
  • Ceiling Fans Without Lights: $180
  • Removal Only: $125
  • New Install: $300
  • Replacement: $180
  • Removal: $150

The quantity and hieght of the blinds/curtain s detemains the total cost

  • 1 Item: $60
  • 2 Items: $120
  • 3 Items: $180
  • Cost Between $250 – $490
  • Click Here To Get A Price Quote

Painting Pricing

Painting – $1.50 Per SQ FT Or Quoted Price

If the room has windows, glass doors, part wood/carpet flooring, or any other alterations to the room/office, that will take additional time for prep/masking, an additional charge for materials may be added to the total price.

Your Total Amount May Change Depending On Supplies Needed. If additional cost is required, it will be up to the painter to determine the amount.

Time Frame: Basic Painting Jobs: Painting a room/office could take up to 2 days, but typically it takes 1 day.

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On-Demand Services

Immediate Solution For Small Repairs

For all on-demand services 50% of payment is required upfront

  • Emergency Repairs are faster, and safer repairs. Giving you a workable, effective, temporary solution. (Billed A Minimum Of $150 Or Quoted Price)
  • Same Day Service is created to help our customers with small projects. (Billed A Minimum Of $75 Or Quoted Price)


FAQ | Payments | Photo Gallery | Price Quote