Painting Pricing

Regular Painting Pricing: $1.50 Per SQ Ft | Fast 1 Day Turn Around Painting Pricing: $2.00 Per SQ Ft | See our painting page for more information

What is your hourly rate?

We do not charge by the hour, We charge by the job. Certain individual projects have set prices.

On-Demand Services

Immediate Solution For Small Repairs

For all on-demand services 50% of payment is required upfront

  • Emergency Repairs are faster, and safer repairs. Giving you a workable, effective, temporary solution. (Billed A Minimum Of $150 Or Quoted Price)
  • Same Day Service is created to help our customers with small projects. (Billed A Minimum Of $75 Or Quoted Price)

You Can Schedule An Appointment

You can schedule an appointment for handyman services by clicking on the schedule now button.
For a appointments for services that are not listed, select other as the service type

Online scheduling

Pricing listed below applies to single items only, for multiple services contact us or fill out the form below

Please see our pricing page for general pricing and more.

TV Mounting

  • 0″ – 20″: $45
  • 20″ – 42″: $70
  • 42″ – 65″: $150

Ceiling Fans

  • Ceiling Fans With Lights: $200
  • Ceiling Fans Without Lights: $180
  • Removal Only: $125

Picture Hanging

  • 3 – 7 Photos: $60+
  • 7 – 15 Photos: $100+
  • 15+: Contact Us For A Quote


  • Assembly: $60+
  • Installation: $100+
  • Assembly And Installation: $150+

Light Fixtures

  • New Install: $300
  • Replacement: $180
  • Removal: $150

Furniture Assembly

  • 1 Item: $60
  • 2 Items: $120
  • 3 Items: $180

Door Frame Repair/Replacement

  • Partial: $225
  • Full: $400+
  • Hang Door: $180+


  • The cost of drywall repair and installation ranges between $260-$450.
  • The price is based on the size of the repair, cost of materials, and labor.
  • Prices for cracks and smaller holes, repairs are typically less than $200.

Price Quote

For pricing/quotes for services that are not listed, fill out the form

For pricing/quotes for services that are not listed, fill out the form (in the message field, describe your project with as much detail as possible) and we will be in touch shortly. You can also view or handyman page for more information about or services

You can find price totals for several types of services by viewing our pricing page